Tech High School: St. Cloud’s Past, St. Cloud’s Future

This time last year I was just finishing up a three month process of researching schools. A subject that, to be honest, has never interested me. I guess, on some level, I’ve always understood that schools are important, but I could have never anticipated the piles of research, hours of reading and the depth of knowledge that existed, centered around one topic: schools and their impact on community.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same… or do they?

I’m back! In case you’re wondering where I’ve been – well I’m now the proud owner of a Master’s Degree in Design Studies from the Boston Architectural College!

As I turned the corner on my graduate studies I felt this inner battle that I have with myself about historic preservation and urban growth become more of a struggle. I find it frustrating because I don’t feel that the two need to be at odds, as they are often portrayed. I feel very strongly that preservation of buildings can be woven into a city’s plan for growth. In order to do this, I think we need to begin to think of preservation as a way of life for our cities and be more conscious of the built environment’s impact on our lives. I write this not just from the stand-point of a preservationist who adores old buildings, but also as an urbanist that loves to see cities grow and change. My hope is that these seemingly disparate objectives will begin to be seen as a cooperative means of creating interesting city neighborhoods. Accomplishing this won’t be easy, but I think there are three areas to start. Continue reading “The more things change, the more they stay the same… or do they?”