Tech High School: St. Cloud’s Past, St. Cloud’s Future

This time last year I was just finishing up a three month process of researching schools. A subject that, to be honest, has never interested me. I guess, on some level, I’ve always understood that schools are important, but I could have never anticipated the piles of research, hours of reading and the depth of knowledge that existed, centered around one topic: schools and their impact on community.

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This one’s for you, Grandma Bev

Front View of Grandma's House

As those of you who know me personally are aware, my grandmother, Beverly VanderEyk, passed away on Sunday. My grandma holds a special place in my heart; she was a kind and loving woman who always had a smile on her face when I walked through the door. Grandma was there with me during some of the most important moments in my life. She was there to cradle me when I was baptized, there to see me off to prom, there to celebrate birthdays, holidays, graduations and the purchase of my first home. One of my favorite moments was showing her a home design I drew for a project in school while studying for my Associate’s degree. I would later receive an award for the floor plan and the home was constructed just a few short blocks from where my grandma lived. I was so proud to bring her to that house and show her my little floor plan had become a reality. It’s difficult to imagine a world without my grandma; I’m still struggling to comprehend it. I decided to dedicate November’s blog post to Grandma Bev and write a little bit about the house my dad grew up in… the house I spent many a Christmases, Thanksgivings and Easters in… the house that my grandma called home.

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The Pride of the Granite City

Photo taken by Charlie Goering of the Paramount Theater in Downtown St. Cloud, Minnesota

Sometimes people ask me why I like architecture so much. Honestly, I don’t know the answer. It’s some kind of weird obsession that started before I can remember. One of my first memorable interactions with architecture was with the Paramount Theater in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The Paramount marque stands out among the buildings on West Saint Germain Street in downtown St. Cloud. Something about that building makes me feel like I’m home.

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