New (old) House Tour!

In 2012 I was 25 and working in residential mortgage. It became increasingly clear to me that it made financial sense for me to buy a house, rather than continue to watch my rent climb year-to-year. I found an adorable little house in St. Louis Park, a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis. The house had everything I needed, but having moved from the bustling and culturally vibrant neighborhood of Eat Street, I did miss Minneapolis a lot and hoped that someday I would be in the position to move back.

Fast forward to this past July, a friend of mine forwarded a “for-sale-by-owner” listing of an adorable Minneapolis house. The seller was a former college instructor of hers and when she saw the listing she thought it might be what I was looking for – she could not have been more right. That night I met the seller to see it in person and I knew with my first step in the doorway that this was meant to be my Minneapolis house. Fifty-eight short and excruciatingly stressful days later, I closed on the sale of my St. Louis Park house and the purchase my piece of Minneapolis history.

I’m finally ready to give you guys a peak! I’m so excited to show you around and would love to hear what you think!










It’s a little difficult for me to show you all photos of a house that I haven’t really had time to decorate. But, it will likely be years before I’ve finished decorating and designing this house. So consider this your “before” tour!

The living room, dining room and kitchen are on the main floor…

img_8524 img_8521


img_8567 img_8595 img_8602 img_1425

img_8630 img_8631



It’s winter(ish) in Minnesota so I don’t have may great photos of the exterior of the house. But I did want to make sure to show you one unique feature of the exterior – and that is the SAUNA:

Now, let’s head upstairs where there are two bedrooms and a bathroom.

img_8442The front bedroom is a multi-purpose room – serving as a guest room, dressing room and office:


And here is my bedroom:


I hope Morgan the Dog didn’t outshine the house photos.

Here’s a fun fact that the sellers told me at the closing table – the local band, Polica, once had a photo shoot done in this house! Here are some photos that I’ve been able to find so far:


bpolica-atd-102414-3-2 polica  polica-music-inform rs-4414-rectangle

In fact, one of the photos ended up as an ALBUM COVER!


How crazy cool is that?!

Also, if my dog were to have an album – this would be her cover:

The house and I had a brief fight this week, when it decided that the furnace was not going to heat the house. A few space heaters and a couple thousand dollars later, I have a new furnace and my the house and I are back on speaking terms. This place is really special to me. As a preservationist, I’ve often heard of people talk about deep connections to a specific building. To be honest, I’ve never really understood that, because to me, preservation isn’t about just one building – it’s about community and a sense of place. Now that I own this house, I finally understand the important connection a person can feel with a building. This little 1880’s ordinary house is my favorite place in the world.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “New (old) House Tour!

  1. I love this house and it looks like a home I would expect to see you live in. It has your uniqueness and a warm sense of charm. I hope that make sense to you.

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