Old Blog, New Introduction

Happy 2016 Minnesota Lovers! I hope that this New Year finds you healthy, happy and ready to take on the world!

Anyone who follows my blogging regularly (I’m talking to you; close friends and family members), knows that I’ve struggled to keep up with consistent posting ever since this blog’s inception. That being said, I have received a lot of positive feedback from the blog and much encouragement to keep pushing forward.

Blogging is time consuming – not to mention very personal. This is difficult for me; there are times when I’m uncomfortable, feeling too exposed. And when people disagree with the opinions and thoughts I share, sometimes I feel personally attacked (although I encourage people to disagree – it’s just sometimes difficult to hear, however good for me it might be in the long run).

All this is to say, I believe that this blog has been good for me. It has given me a platform to voice my ideas. A reason to research and explore the topics I find interesting. And, most importantly, it has helped connect me with many opportunities – especially within the last year. So, with that I have taken on a new challenge and joined a course give through WordPress, “Blogging 101”. As a part of this course I’ll learn how to achieve better blogging and broaden my audience. The first assignment is to write an introductory post, and although I’ve had this blog for some time already, I figured it was worth giving a little refresher of who I am and why I’m here.

The Who.


In fifth grade I got it in my head that I was going to host a weekend sleepover for my Girl Scout troop. I spent an unreal amount of time reading lifestyle and home magazines looking for fun and clever crafts or activities for us to do. I created an hour-by-hour schedule for the weekend that had us busy from sun-up to sun-down. We tie-dyed t-shirts, created egg carton boats, chased each other with water balloons and my dad regaled us with ghost stories by the campfire. All per my, very detailed, time schedule.

This kind of passionate dedication and ridiculous attention to detail has both served me well, and been my one of my biggest flaws in life. Like the time I was invited to attend prom with a large group of couples, but would subsequently be uninvited because I took it upon myself to plan the entire day from start to finish with little input from the other girls.

I’m still searching that perfect balance – one that will utilize this skill of mine to create plans and anticipate problems but also allow for spontaneity and contribution from others. This thing I love about myself, my passion, is also something that can hold me back. But, I’m hoping to find a way to harness it in the future and create something good – maybe even have an impact on the world.

The Why.


One of the most difficult questions I’m asked about blogging is, “what do you blog about?” My response is typically, “you know, crap I find interesting.”

The common theme you’ll see in my blog posts is the preservation of old buildings. I can relate most anything to historic preservation, that is how important it is to cities. My goal for this blog was to highlight reasons why people should love Minnesota. Over time it has become more of a sounding board for me to talk about the things I care about. You’ll see posts about what I did last weekend (probably relating to old buildings somehow), the music I listen to, projects I’m working on and news topics to which I want to add my opinion. I encourage you to join the conversation – let me know what you think!

And don’t forget to connect with me on the medias:

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