Celebrating Super Bowl XLVII

Wine Glasses

I had a very busy and fabulous weekend! Friday evening was spent at a happy hour with friends from work, Saturday afternoon spent with my Mom preparing my house for a Super Bowl party followed by an evening movie (Lincoln) with a good friend, Lindsay. And then drinks at the West End’s Figlios in St. Louis Park with another good friend, Britani (designer of my blog’s header photo). Sunday afternoon Britani and I went to Rice Park in St. Paul to check out the Winter Carnival’s ice sculptures. Then, of course, there was the Super Bowl Sunday night! Twelve of some of my favorite people piled themselves into my tiny living room and we watched theMorgan Napping big game, ate some great food that my mom put together and friends brought (I had very little to do with the food), drank some beers and had some laughs. I took Monday off work in anticipation of being a little sluggish and having some post-party clean up. My Mom and I spent the afternoon doing a little shopping and then I finished my long weekend with homework and some much needed sleep. My dog was even exhausted after our busy weekend!

As my schedule seems to get exceedingly busier, I’ve decided to make a new deadline for this blog. You as my followers should expect a new researched post on the 15th of every month. I hope this helps you look forward to new posts and gives me more time to provide extra detail and “fun facts” in each post. I hoping that this summer, while I’m on break from school I can pick up the pace on my posts! Expect to hear from me from time to time in-between these post to keep you updated on what I’m doing and how I’m spending my time in the great state of Minnesota.

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