An afternoon spent dabblin’ in beers!

Beer Dabbler I spent yesterday afternoon with a few friends at the St. Paul Winter Carnival’s Beer Dabbler. It was a great time – albeit a bit cold! I was shocked by how many people attended! I went to the Beer Dabbler at the Highland Park Festival this past summer and it had to have been half the size in the way of attendance. That day was the complete opposite of yesterday, it was unbelievably hot – so much so that if you were in the sun for more than a couple minutes you’d be sweating. Yesterday’s high was 23 degrees, just taking my hand out of my mitten to write a text was too long for exposed skin. I thought that the event was going to be held a little closer to the ice sculptures at the Winter Carnival but it was a few blocks away. Hopefully I’ll get to go check those out before it is over next Sunday. I’ve started reading a little bit about the history of St. Paul’s Winter Carnival and it’s been incredibly interesting. I’m excited to share it with all of you!

Beer Dabbler2

My friends Katie and Elsa, and my cousin Scott and brother Erik


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