Where has Claire been?

Photograph taken of my Parent’s back yard view in Clear Lake, Minnesota.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I haven’t posted recently. The answer has two aspects to it (1) my typically busy schedule has been excessively busy as of late and (2) at the most inopportune time I am experiencing major computer issues.

I’ll start with issue number 1; my first semester of Graduate School is coming to an end within two weeks. I do not typically procrastinate, but when I have an exceptionally busy schedule it’s easy to put things aside that I think can wait for another day, I’m sure you know the feeling. At any rate, my Preservation Law class has an assignment to attend three Historic Preservation Committee meetings before the end of the semester. As of last week, I had yet to attend even one. So I attended two last week (which was incredibly interesting, btw). I’m still working on finding a good balance of work-school-life, and I think in the past couple months I’ve been giving too much emphasis to the latter two. I came to the realization last week that I’ve become slightly behind at work, so I’ve also been using this “slow” time in the Mortgage industry to get caught up.

I spent some time last weekend with my family at the Minnesota Historical Society who is currently hosting an exhibit covering the Dakota War. If you are local, I encourage you to visit the exhibit. The Minnesota Historical Society is such a beautiful building and I’ve never attended an exhibit there that I didn’t leave feeling knowledgable and enlightened. The weekend was topped off by a Vikings win over the Detroit Lions – always a plus.

A photograph I took (with my Cell Phone) inside the Minnesota Historical Society. The building you’re seeing through the window is the Minnesota State Capitol building.

Tragedy struck me this past Thursday (issue number 2) when my *brand new* computer requested I restart it for updates and got stuck on 13% progress. Now it won’t load past an error that it gives me stating it cannot be repaired. That can’t be a good sign. I brought it into Best Buy (a Minnesota company) and had a nice (insert sarcasm here) visit with the Geek Squad. The computer is currently with them and I have no ETA on its completion. The timing of this couldn’t be worse both financially and scholarly.

But, as they say, the show must go on and I will ensure it does. Today I am at my Parent’s home in Clear Lake, Minnesota. If you are not familiar, Clear Lake is a small town just outside of St. Cloud in Central Minnesota. Yesterday my mother and I attended “The Nutcracker” at the historic Paramount Theater in downtown St. Cloud. The Paramount is my favorite building in St. Cloud. It was one of the reasons for my interest in Historic Preservation. Look forward to a new post talking about this building, the ballet and St. Cloud.

A photograph of the Paramount Theater taken by a fellow St. Cloud Tech High School graduate, Charlie Goering. This is one of my most treasured photographs, I’m so grateful to Charlie for letting me use it!

You may have noticed a new header photo featured on my blog. I’m lucky to have so many talented friends, I mean really it is incredible. Thinking of one of my talented friends in particular I reached out to Britani Christenson to design a header photo for my blog.

Thank you Britani for doing such an excellent job!

Britani used photographs that I took all around Minnesota to create this beautiful collage.

This is the header photo currently featured on my blog.

I’m hoping to have my computer back before Thanksgiving at which point I’d love to go in more detail about the Paramount Theater. Until then, thank you for stopping by!


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